The lingering question of how to lift over 30 million rural households out of poverty and food insufficiency has driven the evolution of our company over the last five years. With a North Star of inclusive markets, we have, over the last 5 years, reached 160,000 smallholder farmers with a bundle of productivity that is making a difference to their livelihoods and communities. Still we are only at a starting point. …

by Ayodeji Balogun, CEO AFEX

If you follow me on LinkedIn, these stories have really become your stories.

Over the break, and after the crazy year that was 2020, I began penning down some of the history of AFEX and the lessons I have learnt from building the Exchange over the last six years. The reception has been amazing, in fact, there have been calls for a book from certain quarters, but first I committed to reblogging this series right here so that it is easily accessible to those who can benefit from our stories at the Exchange.

Right now, the ‘AFEX effect’ is definitely…

Boluwatife Fadele is a Trade Execution Analyst. Here, she reflects on her journey so far at AFEX, the importance of understanding the commodities ecosystem, and everything you need to know about working at AFEX.

One word, fun. No two days are ever the same. I wake up every morning excited to dress up and go to work because that is the kind of joy you feel working at AFEX. Just like others, I came in intending to work in the corporate space. I was expecting uptight policies, a standard intense work environment where everyone would just go about their business…

Michael Martins is a Portfolio Manager at AFEX. Here, he shares more about his first experience working here — what excites him most about his role, finding his voice, and the importance of building a career in a commodities firm like AFEX.

The big first day at the new job always stands out for everyone. It could be about the new people, the new environment, the culture, and processes, etc. but mine started with food. Yes, food.

On getting to the firm on the first day, I sat at my desk, patiently and sufficiently minding my own business, and the…

aka How we Work Here

A Couple of Old Xperts

On some Mondays, new Xperts walk into the AFEX head office armed with an ambition and a passion to create value and make a difference in the commodities ecosystem. They understand, to an extent, that they have accepted a challenge, one that will involve learning and relearning and working to fit into a new company culture and a new work-life balance.

Here at AFEX, one of the things we enjoy is meeting these awesome people who have the potential to contribute immensely to our business, but to also become true experts in the commodities market and their respective fields as…

Key Features to Keep Investing Safe for you

Is the ComX app safe and secure for investors to use? How do we know users’ financial data and accounts are safeguarded? Is ComX a Ponzi scheme? These are few questions you’ve been asking about the ComX app. In this article, we would be answering them and revealing the security measures we’ve put in place to protect your data and money.

ComX is a simple and innovative technology platform that gives investors unrestricted access to Nigeria’s commodities market, where they can invest in assets backed by commodities. The ComX app is designed specially for people new to investing in alternative…

To achieve food self-sufficiency in Africa, we need to shift to more sustainable patterns of production and consumption in the agricultural sector.

This is the conviction of Moses Agboola, who works as an accountant at SALCO industry, a processing plant for agro-commodities like soybeans, sorghum, and sesame. With his field experience processing soybeans into soy cake and crude soy oil for healthy consumption, he believes the focus of every product should be sustainability — the efficient management of resources to create less waste, prevent post-harvest losses whilst enabling a fair exchange for everyone involved in the value chain.


ft Xperts in the Mud

Remember the first time our parents sat us down and told us never to talk to strangers? As kids then, it probably didn’t make sense not to talk to that person smiling at us, but as we grew older, we realized it was all an effort to protect us.

In today’s world, you can’t help but talk to a stranger because that can be a vendor offering a service you need, but we quickly learn that it can also be a person swindling people out of their money. Not all scams are easy to spot. …

by Abimbola Otepola, Corporate Communications Analyst, AFEX

When we spoke with three farmers working with Dimeji Green, AFEX Sustainability Manager, in Obun-Ondo and Edo regions, they all said one thing in common — “Farmers are Oliver Twist”.

We ask: what does that mean?

Akinlade Augustine is a cocoa farmer in his mid-forties manning a small hectare of land in Obun-Ondo, Ondo State. He joined AFEX in 2019 and immediately associated with the Farmers Business School Co-operative in Ondo East Local Government Area.

“2019 was a good year”, he recalls.

“It was a time I transitioned from the old method of cocoa farming to the modern practices because…

Joining AFEX, in my experience, has been the right vehicle at the right time to offer a platform that strengthens farmers’ sustainability in the sector. Improving farmers’ livelihoods is our mission. We do that through farmers’ education on the best practices to increase their volumes, income, and lifestyle.

People often ask me why I would leave a job with the nice offerings to work in a bush. They do not understand that my best moment is working on the cocoa farm. From inception, it is the same cocoa production that was used to build our hospitals, offices, schools, and south-western…


AFEX’s infrastructure and platforms drive capital to build a trust economy in Africa’s commodity markets.

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