AFEX Impact Report: Human Stories Behind the Numbers and Hard Facts

The lingering question of how to lift over 30 million rural households out of poverty and food insufficiency has driven the evolution of our company over the last five years. With a North Star of inclusive markets, we have, over the last 5 years, reached 160,000 smallholder farmers with a bundle of productivity that is making a difference to their livelihoods and communities. Still we are only at a starting point. As our impact becomes more visible, and we face the next five years of our vision, we are documenting some stories of resilience, transformation and growth that align with our impact framework, which is well documented in our recently released impact report.

In 2014, AFEX was founded with an outlook to create an institution that unlocks capital for the continent and more precisely unlocks capital for the least served on the continent; smallholder farmers. Our earliest products and innovations were therefore designed to address the challenges faced by smallholder farmers — improving their livelihoods — while building an inclusive and efficient commodities market that would promote a fair exchange of value among the players. This initial outlook has kept us focused on improving the prosperity and resilience of smallholder farmers and rural households, ensuring that “no one is left behind”.

Within our newly released Impact Report, we have aligned our impact-oriented goal of helping Africa feed itself with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: No Poverty (SDG1), Zero Hunger (SDG2), Gender Equality (SDG5), Decent Work and Economic Growth (SDG8), and Sustainable Consumption and Production (SDG12).

In the coming days and weeks, we will share AFEX Impact stories that feature smallholder farmers who have worked with us, and have over time shown more resilience, and lower levels of poverty and hunger. They will be featured alongside some of our Xperts, who drive the vision daily and make it all fall together. These stories will be showing how important investments in smallholder farmers and agriculture can be in reducing poverty and fighting food hunger.

So follow along on our trips to the field as we sit and talk with some spectacular people, who prove our model and show us the possibilities of our focus on inclusive markets.

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AFEX’s infrastructure and platforms drive capital to build a trust economy in Africa’s commodity markets.

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AFEX’s infrastructure and platforms drive capital to build a trust economy in Africa’s commodity markets.

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