#AFEXTechDiary 5: Every day is different for a Product Manager

3 min readFeb 28, 2022


Abdulganiyy Ajayi is the ComX Product Manager at AFEX. We had a chance to ask him some questions about his job, driving the acquisition and growth of the trading platform, ComX. Enjoy reading.

Tell us briefly about your journey into tech.

My technical background in the IT world is a huge part of who I am today. I have years of experience in computer engineering, computer hardware, and telecommunications. As an undergraduate, I had the opportunity to work on several projects and this cleared the pathway to landing job roles as a product manager and system analyst before joining AFEX as the product manager for ComX

How does your involvement with ComX impact lives? What are some of the activities you’re involved with?

ComX is one of the most innovative digital trading platforms in Nigeria specially designed to scale the agro-commodities trading landscape. We have about 50,000 clients investing and making gains on this platform. And that’s a way of making a positive impact in the field we play in. On ComX, we have processors buying as well as aggregators who sell. The entire team on ComX put a lot of effort into mapping out the product vision, overall market strategy, and other functionalities so that everyone in the agricultural value chain can benefit in many ways.

What is it like working as a Product Manager at AFEX?

Working as a product manager has been interesting and fulfilling at the same time. This is my first time working on a trading app in the commodities ecosystem. Every day is always different for a product manager. It’s been a continuous learning curve, understanding how an Exchange works, the capital market, the customers’ needs, and challenges. I am grateful for the experience.

What aspect of tech most excites you?

It’s always great to see your products do exceptionally well in the market. That is the part that excites me the most. Because when you conceive ideas, create and build products, and then you see users enjoying your brainchild, it’s a satisfying feeling to know you have created value for to the customer.

What skills should someone in your role look out for?

There are core skills a Product manager should have and that comes from a deep interest in technology and how things work. Be inquisitive, ask questions and be clear on what you need to do. Remember prioritization is also key on the job. Prioritize what needs to be done at what time.

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