#AFEXTechDiary 7: To excel in tech, you need to be passionate.

2 min readMar 8, 2022

There has never been a better time to pursue a career as a Software Developer. If you have a superpower to create web applications and programs that solve complex needs like our tech Xpert, Oluwafemi Tairu, then you’re on the right path to impart change in the ecosystem. In this article, Femi shares a glimpse of his life as a Software Developer at AFEX.

Tell us briefly about your journey into tech

It all started in 2013. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been fascinated by technology even though I didn’t have a lot of time with a system then. It was only natural I gravitate towards that field. I started out with a diploma in Computer science, then garnered a degree in Mathematics. After graduation, I mostly freelanced, writing codes, designing UI, and simply creating applications that work.

What do you love about being a Software Developer?

Ultimately, software development is bliss. I enjoy the mental exercise of building applications that solve problems and meet clients’ needs. However, the role is more exciting at AFEX because of the people I work with. It’s fun to work with people that keep you excited to wake up and come to work and stay motivated daily.

What skills should someone in your role look out for?

I think first and foremost you need to have passion. We all need a driving force because tech/programming can be very frustrating so there has to be something that drives you back to your system when you fail or you have bugs. You need something to push you to be better because you won’t always have people around to do so.

Who would win in a fight: Gates, Musk, Cook, Bezos, or that kid at Facebook?

I would pick Mark because he is innovative. Bezos is not a tech person and Gate is out of the market.

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