#AFEXTechDiary: Tech Xperts reveal secrets to building an app that works

A job in tech? That sounds like career heaven, right?

Globally, technology seems to be the key to everything we do, and here at AFEX, it drives our operations to build a sustainable, inclusive, and efficient market system for commodities in Africa. Besides, the rise of investment platforms means more people are entering into the fintech space to architect, build, and deploy tech systems that fulfill needs.

Here at AFEX, we have a team of brilliant and innovative tech gurus who are immersed in digital trends and building technology stacks that impact lives in the sector. They are constantly innovating, experimenting, and keeping complex things fun for everyone.

If you are wondering what technology culture is like for Xperts working in tech at AFEX, this series gives a glimpse into the fast-paced environment, new projects, exciting opportunities, and challenges that emerge daily in AFEX’s Tech Squad as we shine the spotlight on the tech Xperts and their journey in agritech.

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AFEX’s infrastructure and platforms drive capital to build a trust economy in Africa’s commodity markets.