An Inside Look at AFEX Culture: Personal Stories from New Xperts

A Couple of Old Xperts

On some Mondays, new Xperts walk into the AFEX head office armed with an ambition and a passion to create value and make a difference in the commodities ecosystem. They understand, to an extent, that they have accepted a challenge, one that will involve learning and relearning and working to fit into a new company culture and a new work-life balance.

Here at AFEX, one of the things we enjoy is meeting these awesome people who have the potential to contribute immensely to our business, but to also become true experts in the commodities market and their respective fields as they grow with us. We want this to happen, and so we have embraced the imperative to create a more inclusive and diverse workplace that harnesses everyone’s strengths and skills, making us all better every day.

This story, written by our Corporate Communications Analyst in her first month here was such a hit, so we decided to let you in on some other new Xpert stories. These stories will certainly explain a lot about what it’s like to work at a commodities exchange firm like AFEX, but it will also highlight some important lessons on career transitions and doing new and innovative things with a team of diverse individuals.

This is therefore an invite to follow along on the memoirs of Xperts as they reveal their experiences and drop some deep, expert knowledge.

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