Drum Rolls! Registration for Code Cash Crop 3.0 Ag-Hackathon, Now Open!

Applications are now open for the hackathon component of Code Cash Crop 3.0 and here is everything you need to know about it.

3 min readApr 19, 2022

We are excited to kick off the third edition of our Code Cash Crop industry event with a hackathon (or ag-hackathon as our dear Xperts refer to it) focused on creating innovative solutions for “Disrupting Agriculture Trade Infrastructure in Africa.”

Over the years, the African agritech industry has grown in leaps and bounds, attempting to solve key challenges in the continent’s food system and guarantee food security for Africans everywhere. In fully realizing this big goal, the intersection of three major sectors -agriculture, finance, and technology is key to introducing some significant solutions.

The ag-hackathon of Code Cash Crop 3.0 will serve as a platform for ideating and fine-tuning solutions that integrate these three sectors in accelerating the growth of agriculture on the continent. Specifically, participants in the ag-hackathon will seek to answer the problem statement: How can technology and finance disrupt agriculture trade infrastructure?

Code Cash Crop 3.0 Ag-Hackathon Scope

· 10 teams of innovators

· 2 States

· Industry-leading judges and speakers from the 3 sectors — agriculture, finance, and technology

This is more than an ag hackathon; it is a movement of disruptors and game-changers.

Joining the Ag-Hackathon

The theme of this hackathon is Disrupting Agriculture Trade Infrastructure, which provides a platform for men and women in the agriculture, finance, and technology space to showcase their problem-solving skills and promote real-time market solutions to improve agricultural processes and trade infrastructure in Nigeria.

The program is spread over a period of 3 weeks across 3 different stages of the ag-hackathon.

The first stage is the registration and the submission of a 2 paragraph synopsis that covers the envisioned solution to a particular problem with agriculture trade infrastructure in Africa. We welcome diverse groups of people from the three focal fields: agriculture, finance, and technology.

Whether you are an economist, agronomist, developer, investor, project manager etc. that is involved in the sectors, at any level, you are encouraged to apply. The platform allows you to register as an individual, after which you will be put into a team of three with individuals from the other focus sectors.

Thirty applicants will be selected from this pool of registrations and filtered into groups of three. These ten groups will attend a two-day pitching session in either of two locations — Kano or Ibadan, where they are expected to work collaboratively to develop and present their chosen solutions.

The third stage is the grand finale. The top four teams (two from Kano and two from Ibadan) with outstanding solutions will be selected to face the final judges in Lagos.

In the end, the winning team would share the grand prize of 2.5 million naira and recognition by partners. The first and second runners-up would win 1.5 million naira and 1 million naira respectively. To be eligible for the cash prize, the team must have satisfied the conditions given by the final judges.

This year’s hackathon would be sponsored and supported by a growing list of partners including KADIPA, FintechNgR, Arravo, Reohob, and more.

Who are we Looking for?

We are looking for every young innovator, agro-specialist, tech enthusiast, finance graduate, economist, investor, and more. If you are passionate about creating scalable solutions in the agricultural, finance, and technology industries, this hackathon is for you.

How to Register

The registration for the Code Cash Crop 3.0 hackathon is free. Sign up here.




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