How AFEX is Building a Thriving Ecosystem through Technology

2 min readAug 30, 2021

John Yohanna is an Area Storage Manager at AFEX, in charge of managing warehouse operations in Kaunda, Bauchi, and Plateau States. Here, he shares the importance of technology to drive advancement in the sector as well as his journey so far at AFEX.

Technological advancements are key for sustainability in the commodities sector. As our farming system evolves, it is becoming necessary to rethink how we can significantly help farmers to be efficient and connect them to the right market in a seamless effort. And this degree of innovation in the farming communities across Nigeria is an important facet of AFEX’s work.

But this I didn’t quite understand at first when I joined AFEX. In fact, it was a bit challenging adjusting to the technology stack, WorkBench, which was made available to facilitate my job role as first, a Warehouse Manager, and now, an Area Storage Manager.

The WorkBench is designed around capturing and building on the capacity of transactions on the Exchange as we match trades and buy and sell commodities. I can say with confidence that this innovation has helped make my work simpler.

Looking back, my journey at AFEX has been full of enriching experiences, being able to meet with different farmers from different backgrounds and explain to them how AFEX’s technologies can improve their yields. It is a constant learning process here because the possibilities and options available in the market landscape are quite enormous, so you need to keep updating your knowledge on the trends.

However, the good thing about working in an organization like AFEX is the team spirit which speeds up the workflow. The vision is to become the reference point for commodities in Africa and everyone is committed to that. There is also an opportunity for growth in your career. AFEX is a promising organization. What we do is different. To be a part of this formidable team, be prepared to work smart, approach tasks with confidence, and do it effectively.

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