Processing Food For Healthier Communities

“ Our relationship with AFEX started in 2016 when SALCO’s supplier for soybeans. Here, we have the best machines in cleaning, processing, refineries, and tanks to enable healthy food consumption and reduce food waste at supply chains. And this aligns with AFEX’s mission towards responsible consumption and production. We need to produce enough of just what we need and preserve others in a sustainable way for the future generation.

With our machines set for operations, we clean, crush and refine soybeans into soy cake and crude soy oil. Then we package them to sell to off-takers, poultry farmers at a fair price. The end-product is NAFDAC approved.” He shares.

“We need to scale up investments in infrastructures like adequate storage, constant power supply, and efficient supply chains that can help the way we produce and consume commodities to create less waste and deliver larger social-economic and environmental benefits to farmers, suppliers, processors, and consumers. AFEX is right on track with these infrastructures, with more hands-on-deck from the public sector, we can achieve more.”

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