What It Means To Work With The Right People

3 min readJul 1, 2021

Akinyoola Aleem, a UI/UX Designer at AFEX, explains how working with innovative minds in a welcoming atmosphere with minimal pressure can contribute significantly to the productivity of any Xpert at AFEX.

After ages in a company where I never really felt valued, I decided to not only join AFEX but make a full career shift from IT operations to UI/UX design; a career move that I’ll always be proud of. AFEX is building commodities trading from the ground up in Nigeria and the opportunity to define the experience for participants in the commodities market AFEX style was too much of an opportunity for me to pass up.

If you want to know what a day in AFEX feels like, imagine walking into an office that is surrounding and supporting you, full of cheerful people, a workplace that gives you an exciting challenge to look forward to each day. AFEX’s culture is unique — the company operates in a flat environment that makes every level of hierarchy approachable.

I think it has by far been the most welcoming and conducive workplace I have had the fortune to be a part of. I remember my first day at the job, I met everyone at a ComX redesign workshop. I was amazed at the sense of inclusiveness everyone had. My colleagues welcomed me into the team almost immediately. I was encouraged to speak my mind and it showed me everyone’s opinion is highly valued in the company. That experience helped me to feel comfortable, relaxed, and accepted as part of the family.

One thing that quickly became apparent to me was the creativity and spirit of collaboration that defines AFEX. Everyone is willing to take few minutes out of their busy schedules to provide clarity or any guidance you need. And it’s amazing how it pushes you to be more efficient and diligent in your work because you don’t want to be the one holding the team back. I thoroughly enjoy working with my colleagues, they simply make every task a delight to execute every time.

On a more personal note, working here has helped me gain an appreciation of the cross functional and rigorous nature of developing software products in a world class environment and what I have been able to learn in my time here will undoubtedly shape the trajectory of my career going forward. I’ve gained real-world experience from industry experts in the commodities space. If I were to start this journey all over again, I would advise myself and anyone coming in for the first time to get ready to learn, be friendly, lower your ego, get acquainted with how the commodities market work, and be ready for an exciting ride at one of the best places to work in the world.

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