What it’s Really Like to Work as a Field Extension Officer at AFEX

2 min readAug 26, 2021

Abdulaziz Idris Hamza is a Field Extension Officer (FEO) at AFEX in Zaria. Here, he tells us more about the importance of working in an environment with a supportive culture, what he enjoys about his role, and his aspirations to help Africa feed itself.

Working in the field as an FEO at AFEX might be a little “different” from operations at the head office. The journey starts with us. Here, we are the first point of contact for farmers to acquire skills and alternative modern practices to help their farm production. We meet them at their doorsteps, engage with them, visit their farms, take farm coordinates, enroll them on our technology stack, WorkBench, and ensure nothing is wreaking havoc on their farms.

With this experience, I have learned quite a few things. It takes confidence and strong people management skills to get things done and make an impact. Either way, you have to be compassionate and kind as well as be very good with data fundamentals and structures. One thing to keep in mind is you will learn and grow on the job. This would improve your communication and relationship skills to become a better FEO physically and mentally.

On my team, I work closely with other FEOs and Warehouse Managers to offer valuable agricultural opportunities for food security to farmers, processors, and traders. And it’s fun working with them as we all share a sense of purpose and commitment in the work we do. It’s important that on this job, you build friendships to support you on this journey.

One of the things I enjoy about my role and working in a fast-paced organization like AFEX is the commitment to giving back to society with a focus on our food systems. My experience with farmers has taught me the importance of working consistently to achieve a goal despite the challenges one might face.

Farmers are truly our food heros and I admire their dedication to food production.

Also, I admire the company’s supportive culture for this cause. This is a good place to work, learn, and grow. Once you can hold your truth and work hard, AFEX would open opportunities for greater things for you.

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